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Plan a Project Review
Gather Project Data
Hold a Project
History Day
Analyze the Findings
Lessons Learned
Create a Plan
for Change
Close the Loop

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Tools for Anaylis
Tools for Synthesis
Plan of Action
Closing the Loop
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About Us

My name is Bonnie Collier. I have over 15 years of experience in the successful design and implementation of business process improvements, strategic planning, engineering practices, project management, and product development processes.

There is nothing I more exciting than working with a team and helping them 'see' the things that bogged things down as they struggled to develop their product. Once a team can see the system they are working in and understand the interdependencies, it takes short work to make careful changes that will improve the way their next project is run.

Using proactive problem solving methods I have designed and implemented Project Reviews, or Postmortems for dozens of hardware and software projects. Over the years I have:
  • Involved more than 1500 project members in Project Review activities.
  • Completed Project Reviews on all sizes of projects from huge, company-wide projects to small 10 member teams.
  • Worked with large, complex organizations in Fortune 100 companies and small enterprises.

    My client list includes AMD, Apple Computer, Inc., Avid Technology, Amplitude, BAM!, Kaspick and Company, Inc. and Lycos.

    You can contact me at:
    --> blcollier@projectreview.net