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Event Timeline

The event timeline captures the significant events that occurred during the project. It is used during the Project History Day to trigger the group's memories and build a collective understanding of what actually happened.

Event Timeline
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Sample Event Timeline Justice Project Event Timeline

  • MRD presentation complete. Marketing begins presenting at Jean's staff and at Marketing centers
  • Partial project team in place (Marketing Lead, Technical Lead and EPM)
  • Requested international requirements from marketing; feature priorities
  • Began investigation phase
  • Held our first Justice Project Review for Jean and staff - first asked "which Finder?"
  • Sent Project Concerns link to Jean and staff (extension integration, second time asked "which Finder?", project priorities with PPC, resource problems).
  • Requested Quality Lead
  • Investigation phase supposed to be complete (it's not)
  • Received additional requirements from Marketing and Ops/Tech
  • Sent another Project Concerns link. Caused major problem with marketing. Found out approach agreed upon by marketing and Jean
  • Held our second Justice Project Review for Jean and staff - product options A, B, and C; upstaged by Teri's discussion of Doughy; no decisions made on key problems. Third time asked "which Finder?"; clearly identified resource problems
  • Scriptable Finder becomes required feature
  • Distributed Justice info package - first cut at ERD
  • Held our third Justice Project Review for Jean and staff - fourth time asked "which Finder?"
  • Doughy turned off ... need Size and Speed team, negotiating with Teri for Justice
  • New EPM and DRI on-board
  • Quality Lead assigned to begin February 1st
  • "What's left to do" link went out (which Finder?, define quality approach and resource requirements, define Teri's role, resolve third party funding issues, etc.)
  • Quality evaluation complete. Need many more resources than initial estimate.
  • No Teri. Need Size and Speed team
  • Resource wars begin
  • Lots of meetings on project priorities and resource needs
  • More meetings on project priorities and resource needs
  • Stanley confirms Justice must ship -> Mike and Jorge get go ahead for some resources
  • Sheila sends "cancel Justice link"
  • Powers that be set new direction for company
  • Justice is canceled
  • New hardware becomes a requirement.