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Plan a Project Review
Gather Project Data
Hold a Project
History Day
Analyze the Findings
Lessons Learned
Create a Plan
for Change
Close the Loop

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Closing the Loop
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Products and Services

For many teams, the information and tools on this web site will be sufficient to help them plan and conduct a successful Project Review. However, additional services are available to you:
  • You can become a member of the www.projectreview.net network.
  • Get a professional review of your Project Review plans.
  • Use our software and server to develop an online survey for your Project Review.
  • Arrange for professional help in delivering your Project Review.

      Bonnie Collier will work with your team to plan and conduct the Project Review, analyze and document the results, and design the implementation process for sharing lessons learned and continual improvement. I can help you in your Project Review efforts by:
    • Providing experienced planning and coaching either offsite or in person.
    • Assisting you in developing a survey with questions customized to ensure that you get the exact information you need.
    • Planning and implementing a Project Review for you.
    • Enhancing your in-house expertise by co-leading a successful Project Review with a member of your project team.
    • Designing and implementing a project review process for your organization.